Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Skipping into the Third Dimension...

Just a 3D version of the Skip I showed in my last post, along with a new character rig I'll be using. So far, so good, I think...but please let mek now what you think! (This one is a bit lower in quality since I had to use a playblast instead of a render, so that the curve I used for the rope would show up.)

3D Skip in Maya


  1. look alright, but its a bit stiff, the rope flows nice, the arms and legs move fluidly, but theres no arch when he hits the height of his jump, i think this is a result of the whole animation being too fast

    i think it would look better if it was slowed down maybe 10 - 15 frames and there was a bit more of an arch at the apex of the jump

  2. I know I've already done a bit of a crit but I just wanted to add that I also think it could be slowed a bit. 10-15 frames might be too much though because it might get floaty. We just want to be able to see the nice animation going on.