Friday, February 5, 2010

Back on Track, PLUS a January Overview

Sooo....looks like my Internet problems should be over and done with now. It also seems that I will be working around Blogger's video posting, and from now on will be using YouTube to show my work with. Hopefully, this will allow less crashes and "Unavailable Footage" messages.

But most importantly, let me get back to the work! January has come and gone, faster than I could have ever imagined. I decided to get back into learning as much as I could about animation this year, and January was the first big push. Granted, most of the tutorials I worked on during that month were relatively simple and basic, but I wanted to make sure there was a strong foundation here before I went onto the more complex stuff. So you may find this work boring or overly simple, but I firmly believe it is a necessary step.

Speaking of the tutorials, I must say that I am enjoying this batch greatly. Mr. Jason Ryan is a very talented animator indeed. Luckily, he is also a very understandable and easy to follow teacher. When offering up any form of teaching, think both of these traits are necessary. Sadly, I find that in more cases than not, only one is usually present. Anyways though, his tutorials are definitely proving to be a great help, and an awesome source of inspiration for my work! Heck, he's even got my playing with 2D animation. Mind you, it's nothing special and it's a bit sore on the eyes, but for me, it helps me plan out some shots prior to jumping into Maya, and that can save some serious tweaking time. all in all, I am very happy to have found Jason as a digital teacher, and I cannot wait to get right back into his tutorials next week!

Until then, he's the overview of, what I think are, my most successful pieces for the month January:

So that pretty much wraps up everything I liked in the "Basic Tutorials" I worked on. This next batch of pieces are things I did after being inspired by the tutorials. I didn't want to strictly work on just tutorials after all.

Post Tutorial Fun:

That's pretty much it. Hope you enjoyed some of it, and PLEASE let me know what you thought of it all. GOOD or Bad. I welcome it all!

Until next time, take it easy,

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