Friday, January 30, 2009

So it begins...

Here we go. These are just some quick cycles I've started working on towards a new reel, as well as just for something different. These are all still WIP's but please, let me know what you think, and what needs a lot more work on.

Heck, if you've got some ideas let me know.....I've got plenty already to work on, but I can't have too many.

So have a look and C&C always welcomed!

Oh, and the model I'm using is the 'Cryptic Rig.'


  1. looks great, just a few things i noticed, even tho they are still work in progress, ill throw down my opinion anywho

    well, on the first one, it feels like hes lunging forward too much, it would make sense more if it was a heavier weapon, or if he was throwing himself after a run,but for lifting up a pistol, it seems a bit over exaggerated, i think its because when he goes to raise the gun, his waist dips in anticipation, if that was cut down a bit it would be fine

    The second one i cant say much, because i dont think its close to finished, the upper body looks great, but there is absolutely no movement under the waist, so with a little kick back, it ll look fine

    This is a great walk, the only thing i can see about this is he looks a little off balance when the right foot is in the forward position, this could just be the angle of the camera, but it looks like he would stumble towards the camera

    overall looks better than i could do, so keep up the good work, and dont forget your gaming breaks

  2. Hey Dan, cool that you decided to start this blog up. I'll be checking back from time to time for sure.

    With the first animation, I think what stands out to me the most is after he draws the gun from the holster he drops it to his waist before pointing it. Something about that just doesn't seem very natural to me. I've pulled guns on many people before, and you usually want to get it from the holster to pointing them as fast as you can so they're not expecting it.

    For the 2nd animation, I think it needs to be sped up a lot and would benefit from a somewhat randomized shooting pattern. Maybe one shot, wait a beat, and then two quick ones, for example.

    Third animation, I agree that it looks a little off balance. I think that his posture isn't fully representing the forward momentum from his walking; the torso seems like it is too upright at the moment, especially down towards the hips. It is a subtle change at most, but that is just what stands out to me.

    Looking forward to seeing more!

  3. Haven't got alot of time but ill post more later. I think the kick back on the second animation is fairly weak other than that it looks pretty good i think. I'll say a bit more later.

  4. Ok i have a bit more time now. In the first one it seems like his head doesn't recoil. It just comes down and stops which makes it look kind of strange.

    As for the second, I meant to say the gun kicks back to slowly. The kickback on his body should probably not be as strong for such a small gun. heres some reference. He stands differently (he acctually looks kind of ridiculous) but this might help a bit. Also has some walking with the gun similar to the one you have.

    The 3rd does look off balance but looks pretty good other than that.

    Hope this helps!

  5. (i wish you could edit posts) I was checking out the 1st animation again and I think that his entire body could use some settling into the final pose.

    Can't wait to see more!

  6. Ok im not an animator but im willing to give some C&C as a viewing audience ^^

    I agree with Mat about the first animation, i think that he drops the gun way too far down even for casual shooting. But even tho that might seem a tad awkward your animation is very nicely flowing. The only thing that caught my eye (this might be picky) is I felt the hips were a little bit to centered toward the front.

    The second animation is really cool. I dont think that you should give him any more kickback (because after all you dont have a shot gun) but it would be better to make the interval between shots a little less rythmic as well if you have a slight pause you could animate him reajusting his footing while he is shooting. This might make it seem a little more realistic as i dont know many people that can keep their feet perfectly still. haha especially me ;P

    Wowzers I love you walk cycle babe!! Not too much to comment here except good job lol Although i think it would be a really good idea to have the head move slightly as well.

    Keep up the hard work! I look forward to seeing more!!