Friday, February 6, 2009

Round 2.......FIGHT!

Alrighty, firstly I want to say thanks to everyone who visited and posted....Salty, Mat, Mike, and Jess. Thanks you guys, for taking the time to give me some input. I really appreciate it!

This week's post will start off with the newest pieces I've been working on, followed by last weeks pieces, now with changes made based on the feedback I received.

Tell me what you think, whether good or bad!

Take it easy, and thanks again.

Step Upstairs and Aim

Walking Upstairs

Walking Downstairs

Fixes to Holster Draw

Fixes to Gun Fire

Fixes to Walk with Gun

1 comment:

  1. Sorry I didn't get to give you any feed back before I left. Anyways let's see what we got here. I'll start with the previous 3.

    Holster Draw: I think this is really great and the settle at the ends gives it a lot of realism I'm very impressed with this one.

    Gun Fire: This one is great too, the kickback is perfect and I really like how you added the wave through his body from the recoil. You can really feel the force. His head seems a bit stiff to me still though.

    Walk with Gun: I like how you changed his posture, makes him seem more cautious. He still seems off balance for some reason though, I think it might just be the camera angle. He looks like hes leaning to his right a little bit.

    Step Upstairs and Aim: This one seems strange, He looks like he is about to take another step and changes into an aiming pose. I think he'd have to lean back a good amount before stepping into that pose. The poses are good it seems like pose to pose so far but once antic and overshoot and stuff are added it will look a lot better.

    Walking Upstairs: This one I think needs some loosening in the arms, I know his movements are supposed to be controlled but his upper body seems strangely static. The legs are looking great though.

    Walking Downstairs: Same with this one the legs are looking really great. I was trying to find some reference for this kind of a walk. I wasn't able to find anything though. I think his upper body could use just a bit of weight distribution. His hips also seem fairly straight across when he lifts his leg. You probably can't fix this problem but it looks like his back pack doesn't move with his back. It doesn't bob like his back is.

    I hope these help out as well as my last comments, your previous animations are looking fantastic now. Can't wait to see the next revisions.