Friday, February 20, 2009

Keep Rollin', Rollin', Rollin', Rollin', What!?

Got one stinkin' new animation done this week, but a good bunch of fixes done. I blame the lack of new work on Family Day...legit holiday wannabe....Thanks to those who stopped by, Mike, Mat, and Salty. The feedback is greatly appreciated as always! : D

But, this will mark the last of the handgun animations with the soldier. The next small chunk will be with an assault rifle. The handgun clips were the most I had planned with the Soldier, so all other weapons from here on will only have 4 to 5 clips involving them.

And the rifle clips will be different from the handgun ones, not just weapon changes.

But enough with the reading, here's this week's clips:


Gun Put Away



Walk Upstairs

Jump Down


  1. Now you know I be lovin' this shit right here!

    The fixes are looking great! I have only 2 suggestions, I think the run should be a tad slower. I mean a real small amount. Finally the jump when he lands its a but too springy. He also maybe moves back a bit to far on the landing. The Walk upstairs looks perfect to me.

    For the Gun put away, I'm loving the secondary animation, especially when he pats the gun with his other hand. I'm assuming he's closing a clasp. His arms seem a little bit floaty but other than that this one looks practically finished as well.

    How many weapons are you planning to do with this guy?
    You should make him fire one of these:

    Very impressive as always though man, I really look forward to the new stuff!

  2. Wow!! Its getting hard to comment on your animation cuz it all looks great babe.

    My favourite fix is your walk up the stairs even though your rig is rough shapes he looks so fluid. And your new add on with him putting the gun away also looks great!

    As for your jump, i really like that you let his hand come apart form the other as he fell it made it a lot more realistic. hehe if it was me jumping off i would have put both hands in the air even tho it is a small jump.

    Finally the only crtique i can really make is on the run. Im not sure if its just because its the angle but i really think that the gun would sway side to side a little more because of how high his arms are....i actually ran down the hall with my arms out to check out my theory lol

    Keep it up babe! Im sure that with two weeks between posts ill be able to keep up with you too!