Friday, February 13, 2009

Pressing onwards...

This was a weird week....for some reason I had some really dull and slow days. I blame it on the louzy weather....

But anyways, thanks to Mike this week, as he was the only one who managed to crit the videos. Special kudos to him! :D

Like last time, I shall post the new clips, followed by the older ones with fixes made.

Oh, and the 2 clips from my first real post, Holster Draw & Walk, have been put into the DONE folder for now, since I am happy with how they look.

As before, Comments & Crits are greatly encouraged please!

Thanks for stopping by....



Jump Down

Crouched Walk


Walk Upstairs

Walk Downstairs

Gun Fire


  1. I'll go through the fixes first again I guess.

    Walk Upstairs:
    This is looking great, I think the only thing I really see is that his head is tweening with is shoulders. I think if you lag it behind a bit it will look fine. Maybe some animation in his elbows.

    Walk Downstairs:
    This is looking great, I really like the twist in his upper body and the shoulders, it makes it look a lot more natural.

    Gun Fire:
    This one also looks great I can really get a sense of the energy flowing through his body.

    Now for the new animations:

    He seems like he is leaning to his right side for some reason. Also maybe cut back a bit of jiggle on his hands and put it in his elbows.

    Jump Down:
    Maybe a bit more antic before he jumps. The landing looks great though. I think his head does something strange before he lands and he moves a bit slow into the last pose.

    Crouched Walk:
    I don't have much to say about this one I think it looks good the way it is right now. here's some reference I was looking at. the 3rd guy looks similar to your walk. Maybe you'll catch something i'm not seeing right now.

    This batch is even more impressive off the get go, I look forward to see the updates! Hope this helps.

  2. Hey Dan,

    For the run, the hips don't seem to have enough up and down movement to them. If you focus on just the hips' movement they seem to almost be hovering between steps. I think it just needs some more emphasis when he pushes off the ground.

    There are two parts to the jump down animation that stand out to me. I can't go frame by frame so this isn't 100% for sure, but something about the pose right when he is leaving the step feels awkward. It might be that the knees for both legs are angled out quite a lot, or it could be that his leading foot goes down quite far before the back foot starts leaving the step, or it could be a combination of the two. Like I said, I can't go frame by frame, so I'm not totally sure what it is, but something is definitely standing out to me about that part. I also think it feels a bit slow and floaty when he lands and puts his gun out in front of him. Could be that its still a WIP, but figured I'd mention it anyways.

    Crouched walk is looking pretty good! Don't really have anything to say about it other than keep it going.

    Walk upstairs, I am not really sure how to go about fixing this, it could be just an issue in the eye of the beholder, but when watching it back I'm picturing him counting each step in his head, "1.. 2.. 3..". It might be the subtle bobbing of his head as he takes each step. Anyways, not too sure what to do for fixing it up or if it even actually needs to be fixed, but came to my mind when watching it so thought I'd mention it. If you don't see it I wouldn't worry about it.

    Walk downstairs and gunfire are both looking pretty good! Don't have anything to say about them.

  3. ur getting awfully good, in fact the only ones i see a problem with anymore are the run and jump down

    the jump down looks good, and i know hes trying to be stealthy, but i dont think his knees would be able to handle that much impact to land so lightly, perhaps more of a jolt when he touches down

    and the run looks excellent, but a tad stiff, i would loosen up his arms a bit, not so much his wrists and hands, as hes trying to hold the gun steady, but from the elbows to shoulders

    keep up the good work darling <3