Friday, March 6, 2009

This week in Animation!

Here's to a long over due update. Thanks to Mike and Jess for being the only ones who managed to stop by & post over the last two weeks. Appreciated as always :D

As stated before, the fixes here are the last of my Hand Gun clips, and I have moved on to the Assault Rifle, which consists of those posted today.

All feedback is welcomed and please let me know what you think. I welcome all criticism, not matter how small. : )



Jump Down

Put Away


Load & Ready





  1. Hey Dan,

    The jump feels like he is jumping down onto a cloud or something. I think if he had a harder/heavier impact it might work better. Great job over all.

  2. On the jump down, it looks like he's landing in a nice soft pillow. just think of it as a bouncing ball with legs, as well as the ability to kill a man with his thumb.

    on the Put Away animation, the gun holstering looks ok, the one thing that stands out is the hard stop on the body when he poses as the end.

    Those reload/Ready animation is badass. The clip manipulation and gun cocking (lol) movements looks pretty cool! that animation is close, needs another pass to tighten everything up.

    the "Hit" animation looks way awkward :S
    the spine bending back like that in rotateX looks hard on the back, ouch. If somebody smacks a dude with a gun, I'd imagine it to have more rotateY in the upper body, maybe its just the camera angle? The 90degree angle with the biceps to the torso make it feel stiff. The back seems to be leading the action.

    i'd comment more, but i gotta get back to work, haha. It's hard to fully critique something via text, but thats the stuff that stuck out the most to me anyway. great work dude! this guy looks like he could put a bullet between my eyes any second, haha. XD

  3. hyaaaa! best ones the gun butt... weeee!!

    on the jump down, it feels a little unbalanced i think when he lands, hes leaning too far back, and i think that if he really did land that off balance, it would take a little more than a lean forward for him to keep his balance

    on the strafe, this is more of a personal opinion, i think it would look better if he took smaller, quicker steps when strafing

    and the march, this again is more an opinion of style, i think his arm is a little too loose, flying everywhere, makes it look a little too cartoony

    thats all folks!

    love, saltymeat

  4. Awesome excited to see the new stuff!

    Jump Down: I think the impact looks a but to slow or floaty as well. It would probably look a lot better if you just sped that part up.

    Put Away: I think this one is done, though I agree he should settle a bit at the end.

    Load & Ready: This one is great, I especially like when he cocks the gun. When he hits the clip in its seems fairly weak, I think if it had a force similar to the gun cocking it would look good.

    Strafe: I think his arms seem a little exagerated. I like the movement of his head though in relation to his body.

    Hit: This one seems awkward to me, I think if I was to do this movement myself I think I wouldn't bring the gun to my right side before forcing the butt upwards. Otherwise maybe he should hit with his left foot planted. Maybe a little more force on the impact as well. I like how it looks like hes putting a good amount of effort into it. It looks like hes using his abdominal muscles.

    March: I like this one a lot. He seems a tad slacked though, since marches seem to be fairly controlled. Just pull some of it back a bit and it should be done I think. I was looking at the intro to Black Adder 4 for reference if you wanted some. Looks similar to your march.

    These are looking great though! Puts me in the mood to do some animation again. I look forward to the next batch!

  5. Hello again ^^

    Your fixes look great! I really like that you raised the arms for the guy jumping down and I agree that his landing is soft looking but i really like that aspect about it. It really makes him look super stealthy...only a pro is that light on their feet ;)

    Load and Ready - awwwwwesome!! He looks wicked! But I think he would look even more "bad ass" if he pushed in the magazine a little harder.

    Hit - umm I think he arches his back a little too close combat one of the most important things is that you keep balance and i think this hit would through him totally off. I would suggest changing the angle that the butt of the gun hits the opponent...for instance bringing it up from the side into the gut or coming from above towards the opponents head. I hope you are able to understand what i mean its kind of hard to put in words.

    March - its very casual looking compared to how i had to march in cadets. Too change this i would restrict the movement in the elbow of the free arm to almost nothing, cuz i remember when i marched it was critical to keep that arm straight as possible. But i really like how you still added movement to the gun as it rests on his shoulder, this subltly really makes it look realistic!

    Dont really have much to comment on the strafe the movement looks pretty good overall.

    Keep it up sweetie!