Thursday, March 19, 2009

Heads Up!

Greetings all!

Thank you too all who stopped by and posted for the last entry....Mack, salty, Jess, Mike, and whomever the Anonymous visitor was. The feedback was very helpful and as thorough as ever. I greatly appreciate it : D

Got a couple more clips sent off as finals too, thanks to the input.
Oh, and theres one clip from last post, "Hit", that received some thorough, but needed, criticism. So instead of hurrying, I am going to take my time with those fixes and hopefully get it up with the next post.

Onwards to this weeks post:


Jump Down

Load Ready



Regular Throw



  1. Alrighty! Cant wait to check these out!

    Jump Down:
    His motion into his final pose seems strange still. I think he should dip a bit before raising into that pose. After landing his motion seems too forward as opposed to downward. Even just a half head down should fix it up.

    Load Ready:
    Speed up the hit on the magazine by roughly 2 frames and this is perfect.

    Loosen the elbow a smidgen and this one looks to be almost perfect too. I like some of the subtle movements you added.

    Regular throw:
    Something strange is happening in this one. The pull on the pin looks great, but I think your final pose is awkward.

    He should aim with his off hand before throwing then follow through finally pointing his throwing arm to where he wants it to go. This will also show you a bit better how the arc goes on thier arms. Unfortunately this guy is laying down but its the best I could find.

    This one looks good but I don't think he should twist so much. Think of bowling kind of. Also maybe aim his off hand before rolling. You probably dont have to but I find I naturally do it when I perform the action.

    Hope this helps! Keep it up man. I look forward to seeing more, its a shame you only post every 2 weeks now. You should post a video with them all in a row together, Im interested to see how they all look.

  2. These look great Dan! My only criticism is with your marching one. When marching, the arm should not swing as high as it presently does. At it's highest point, it should be perpendicular with the deck. I would have thought you'd remember that from cadets :P Other than that things look really, really good, at least from a layman's persepective.

  3. saltymeat is a treatMarch 28, 2009 at 8:07 AM


    jump down - looking good, good flow, but it still feels like hes really light, and is gently touching down, a little more follow through would greatly help

    load ready is looking really good, not quite sheva quality :P, but looking good, perhaps a bit quicker, he is reloading so he can kill more nazis, i would think speed of the utmost importance

    March is good, think the arm is still a little stiff, but thats mostly opinion

    both grenade throws are well done, although not finished, i cant point out whats unfinished, they both look a little less fluid than they should be

    and with that, i am out!