Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Looky, looky!

Aloha All!

This week, I come bearing fixes to the March, Regular Throw, and Roll. As well as, two new clips: Knife Drawn from Sheath and a Stealth Walk.

Thanks to Salty, Mike and Keith for stopping by. I appreciate the feedback as always, but was a little extra excited to receive feedback from a non-animator :D

Onwards and upwards, my friends!



Regular Throw



Draw from Sheath

Stealth Walk

PREVIEW of Things to Come...
Ballet WIP* Still in the very early stages, as I'm sure you will notice the jerkiness and snapping...

And as one final thought, I've also decided to try my hand at entering the monthly contest at

Check out the site and this month's audio clip to find out more.

UPDATE 04/07:

Here is the Blocked Version I've whipped up for the contest. Please let me know what you think:

Until next post, keep on rocking in the free world :P

1 comment:

  1. This 11secondclub looks interesting, I might try one sometime also. I need to get back into animating a bit.

    Onto the good stuff.

    March: This looks fantastic. I get a good sense of weight.

    Regular Throw: I'm liking this one a lot more. I think the pointing looks unnatural though, I think his arm goes too straight. Maybe loosen it up and this one should be pretty much done.

    Roll: This one is great, the swing and lob looks amazing, I really get the feeling of it leaving his hand. The way he swings back still seems strange to me though. I think he should arc straight backwards more rather than twisting.


    Draw from sheath: I really like the poses in this one, my only quip at the moment is the settling. The settling looks great but it seems to all settle at different times which makes it seem a little robotic. Maybe before he pushes off he should lean on his back leg a bit more.

    Stealth Walk: I think the hips might be moving a bit too much on this one. Also maybe a bit of upper body bending. It looks like you're starting to add a lot of subtle movements on you animations which end up looking great and it gives a lot more life to them.

    Ballet: This is great so far! I look at this and shudder just thinking of animating it haha. I really look forward to seeing this one tweaked more though. This one should be fun.

    Great stuff as always.