Friday, April 17, 2009

Shifting Gears...

Greetings again all, or should I just say Mike?

Anyways, another two weeks have flown by and that means hopefully I've got some work done.

There's a mediocre amount of work this post. I've got a video showing a collection of the Soldier animations I worked on for the past couple months. It's cool to see them all together. There are some clips missing from it however, since I didn't think they were quite up to snuff yet.

I'll also post the fixes from last post's clips. This pretty much marks the end of the Soldier stuff though. I've posted the collection video on some other forums to get additional feedback though, so I'm sure to revisit them at some point.

The main focus this month though, is my return to what I like to call, "acting animation." I decided to make an attempt at an entry to the 11secondclub, like I stated last post. So, it will probably be the primary focus of my animation for the remainder of the month. I've done another pass at blocking, but there's still a good amount of work to be done. I'll be busy, busy.

So thanks to all who have stopped by during the Soldier work. Your comments were all greatly appreciated.

Now it's time to move on...


Grenade Roll

Knife Drawn from Sheath

Stealth Walk

Soldier Collection

Second Pass at Blocking April Entry

Update: 04/23

Here's a more recent pass at this month's entry. It is only focusing on the machine for now. Enjoy!


  1. Man it's a shame no one has posted yet. Anyways sorry I've taken awhile to post. I haven't really been around the computer as of late.

    Grenade roll:
    I'm not sure why, something about the wind up still looks strange to me. Everything else looks amazing though. I still think the actual lob looks really good.

    Knife Draw:
    No critiques really, I really like this one though.

    Stealth Walk:
    No real crit's here either, maybe a really slight horizontal rotation on his upper torso.

    Soldier Collection:
    Some of these are so good, I think the rifle loading animation is my favorite. Also the marching.

    11secondsclub animation:
    I can see you changed some of the actions before the toaster explodes. For the better I think, I imagine it would have been difficult to move him right off the screen so fast. I think this is better though, makes it a lot more suspenseful when he leans right into the toaster.

    For the focus on the toaster, I think the squash and stretch is a bit too much though. Mostly for where its about to explode. The first couple look fine though. Can't wait to see it finished. Is this due before may 1st?

  2. LOL!
    11secondclub entry looks amazing!!!! the blocking is totally nailed! I can't wait to see it finished! The soldier collection looks snazzy too! Improvements across the board!

    great work!