Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Push it...Push it real good...

Quick post. Just a Heavy Push here i finished today. Nothing too over the top, just more of a test to see if I could convey believable weight and resistance. Let me know what you think! Other than the last piece I did, the Weight Lifter, I've never tried these kinds of aniamtions. Despite how fundamentally important they are : P


  1. Hey Dan,

    Looks pretty good. Good exercises to do! Something that I think would add to it is, if after the fridge first budges he stops and then starts pushing again. It seems the fridge, right now, once it starts going is linear in it's movement.

    Usually when I'm pushing something heavy, I struggle to move it, then when it finally moves I back off and then go at it again now that I know what it takes to move it. Just an unconscious thing.

    Anyways, looking good! Keep it up!

  2. Wow im late to the game on this one.
    It looks good so far, I really get a sense of the weight and effort. Although it seems strange near the end, it feels like the fridge gets lighter. I imagine you want it to look like he is pushing harder which i think he should bend down more. Also it seems too perfect i think the fridge should wobble a bit, especially once it hits the triangle. He's pushing so hard, i would think he might over shoot it abit.

    hope this helps! I look forward to the next one.