Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Let's Get Physical, PHYSICAL!

Quick post. Just an exercise I finished last night. I just wanted to work on weight and timing, so I figured something like this would help wrap my head around it. I think it turned out pretty nicelt, it I do say so myself :P But please, let mek now what you think! And thanks to everyone who stopped by for the last post. I appreciate the feedback. Peace out!

Character Weight Lift

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  1. Hey hey! Good to see something new :D
    The first thing i notice is once he gets the weight up in the air it looks as though the weights are floating or its attached to something on either side. It doesn't seem like he is straining enough. I like the way he drops it but I think its registers as the weight being alot lighter than when he was picking it up. I love the pose at the end though haha. The subtlty is great and make him feel alot more real.