Sunday, November 1, 2009

Finally, an update! And a job...

Greetings all!

It's been awhile since I've updated the blog, but that was since I was using it strictly as a place for studios, and possible employers, to come and view my resume and demo reel online. After a long search, I finally got contracted for a job at IMAX Productions, in Toronto, as a Digital Artist Trainee. It's not in animation, as I would have liked, but I am learning about rotoscoping with Shake, and how 3D IMAX movies are made. Interesting stuff for sure. As I stated before, this is just a contract job, and it looks as though it may last me until around Christmas time. After that, I'll be on the hunt again for an animation job. Hopefully, there will be one out there waiting for me! :D

I have a feeling that this IMAX job will be keeping me busy for awhile though, so I might not be getting to continue animating as much as I'd like to be, but I'll try to sneak in at least something once in awhile. For now, I have a simple little clip of an animation I made while job hunting. It is one of the few I actually finished during this time, and I think it turned out pretty neat-o. I'm also trying to design a business card for myself, for when I meet others within the industry. Anything to help them remember me would be great.

So please check out the stuff below, and please let me know what you think about it all. Criticism is welcomed as always!

Peace out!

Probe Animation:

Business Card Design #1:
PS: Almost forgot to mention, I'll be heading down to Burbank, CA on November 19 to 25 for the Creative Talent Network Expo! It's their first year of operation, but there is going to be a slew of amazing talent and information down there. Plus, it's in the Toon Capital of the World! I cannot wait!

If you are interested to find out more, visit here:


  1. Congratulations Dan! This is exciting. kinda sucks its not an animation job but hey, any knowledge is good knowledge.

    I think I already gave you some crits on the robot animation, I'm not sure but it looks great and I don't really have any crits. The timing on it is perfect.

    The buisness card is cool but it kind of has a conflicting style. I think the background needs to be more colourful to suit the colourful toast/toaster. If you wanted to keep the background I think it would look cool if you did a rough sketchy drawing of the toast like it was a uncleaned handdrawn animation.

    How much is it going to be for you to get down to and stay in california for your trip. I'm interested but I'm not sure if I have enough money to go.

  2. Hey I think your business card looks pretty good. You definatly have all the information you need on it and it is well distributed. After reading Mikes comment Id be curious to see what it would look like with a sketched toaster on it but Im not against what you have cuz i find that the bright colours draw my eyes to it. I've emailed you some links to different printing companies so you can compare prices ^^ Im still going to ask mom what company they use and the prices but this will get you started.

  3. making things move.. rofl

    it sums you up in a kinda sarcastic smart ass way, love it!