Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dust off the tablet and get those animation gears turning again...

Hello, World!

It is good to be back, and posting again on here. First of all, let me say happy holidays to all, and best wishes towards the New Year!

I have now finished my time at IMAX and I am back at home working on more animation yumminess! I am, of course, still trying to learn as much as I can to become a better animator, so please bare with me if things may seem a bit rough. :P (It has been awhile after all.)

But before I get to what I did today, I just want to first mention a website I have found very useful so far in my pursuit of knowledge. I am currently learning from some of his tutorials found online and and I'm finding them very helpful and inspiring. The website is www.jasonryananimation.com , and oddly enough, his name is Mr. Jason Ryan. He is a supervising animator for Dreamworks, and I believe he just finished working on the last Shrek movie. If you have the time, or better yet just make the time, check out his site and some of his work. Very nice stuff all around.

Anyways, here's two quick clips of a simple exercise I did today to ease back into animation. It also let me test out some new software I found to help doing planning and layout of a shot before even going into a 3D package. The software is FlipBook and sorry for the watermark over top of everything, but I currently just have the trial version.

2D Planning and Layout in FlipBook

3D Animation in Maya

Well, there you have it. Please let me know what you thought. As always, all comments are welcomed! With this post I hope to get back into somewhat of a regular consistency with these posts, so please leave comments to let me know it is worthwhile to keep up on my work! :D

Thanks again for stopping by, and see you next time! Muahahahahahahaha!


  1. i already commented on ur ball!

    but it looks good! no more needs to be said!

    it is worthwhile to keep up on ur work! :D

  2. thats some damn cool animation :O. Nothin' but net!