Monday, March 1, 2010

Continued work...

Still working through the paces towards a new demo reel. Things are going well so far, and I must say that I am having a rather good time working on these personal pieces. From what I can see, I think they are turning out much better than my last batch, but we'll see in the end...

This post just consists of fixes to the "Showing Off" clip, as well as my newest piece, "Gun Inspection." The fixes of course, came from various animation forums where I posted for feedback, since no one seems to visit this blog anymore. Oh, and of course, my good friends, Mike and Brandon, who always have time to take a look at my work. Thanks a lot guys.

Until next time,

Take it easy


Spaceman Stan - Showing Off - Fixes

Tubbs - Gun Inspection

1 comment:

  1. Both of these look really good, they've both improved a lot since I last saw them.

    I think Stan should have a little bit of over shoot or settling in his final pose though, just a little bit to clear the staticness. I really like his final expression though lol.

    Tubbs looks great, everything is clear and reads well :D

    Keep it up, I look forward to seeing the reel finished.