Monday, March 29, 2010

In Need of All Your Help...

Hello all,

Thank you for coming by. This post consists of all the shots I plan to use in my upcoming demo reel. As far as I can see, they seem fine to me, but I've also been staring at them for quite some time now. If I could get some fresh eyes to take a look at them, I think it would really help. Perhaps see someting I'm not picking up, or something that's not quite working. Just a few minutes is all I ask. I really need the feedback to make this demo reel a really strong display of my animation skills, and i would greatly appreciate it. Any feedback is welcomed, be it good or bad. I will take it all in and work on what needs working and leave what doesn't. I mean this, too. I want to be able to take all your criticism and grow as an animator, not just ignore it. : D

So please, have a look at the videos and let me know what you think. They are just playblasts now, so the animation is all that is really being on display here.

Thanks again for the help and take it easy,


Tubbs Turns on Boom Box

Stan Showing Off

Tubbs Inspecting a Gun

Probe Looking for Someone

Stan Scared by Tubbs

Blocky Weight Lift

Tubbs Fleeing from Stan

Boris Girly Skip

Boris Zombie Walks

Stan Fleeing from Tubbs

(I plan to run the credits along the top of this shot, so that's why all actions are occurring along the bottom of the screen.)


  1. Hey Dan, sorry i took so long to comment on these. They look pretty cool actually, im glad to see stuff like this more so than the cycles you were animating previously.

    Just some quick tips i noticed right off the bat.

    shot1) The fall to the ground is too slow, doesnt hit the ground snappy enough.

    2) im not sold on the arc the gun travels when its in the air.

    3) have the gun shoot something physically if thats what's suppose to be happening, ididnt notice it. and have the upper body stretch and hang back a bit on the initial scuttle up to the gun.

    4) this one is solid, not sure you need it on the reel. but maybe

    5) He takes too long to leave the ground when he gets scared, its too slow.

    6)Near the middle, all the actions feel a little slow-mo. you may have scaled the keys without fixing the poses to compensate.

    7)perspective between the two looks odd. without a ground plane it seems the big guy is floating above him.


    10)I'd have the big bear thing's arms do a little more, they seem weird just stuck that way.

    cheers, good luck dan

  2. When the blue guy jumps off the boom box he appears to slow down before he contacts the ground.