Saturday, May 16, 2009

Just another day...

Hey there,

This week's post is a quick one. Not too many things going on lately. Just being watching some tutorials, and really trying to learn as much as I can. I attended a Starz Animation recruiting event on Thursday night for the first time ever. I really only got to drop off my reel for them, since the place with just PACKED with people. And I mean PACKED. I really don't do well with huge shoulder to shoulder crowds, so I just wanted to get in and out as quick as possible. (Thanks to Mike and Linz for coming down there with me too.) It's a shame though, as I would have liked to have talked to at least someone there from Starz. Oh well, maybe I'll get lucky and hear back from them. *crosses fingers*

In other news, I found out shortly after my last post, how I did in the April contest for the 11 Second Club. I placed 40 out of 160, with an overall score of 4.89 out of 10, which is between "Decent" and "Good." I don't really care for how I did and what not, but it's the feedback and everything I learned just from the process that I valued. I highly recommend to any aspiring animator!

That's about it for this time....oh, but I shall leave you with some videos to check out too, because it just doesn't feel right otherwise.

Starz Quickie Reel

Leica Reel for next project - "Eat to Bite"

Take it easy everybody!


  1. Nice are you going to try and do a 2D animation?

    I'm surprised you didn't put any of your soldier animations on your demo reel. Its good to finally see some of the stuff you've done from Pinky Dinky Doo though. Cool stuff!

  2. Oh also I wasn't able to hear any sound on the Demo reel.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Mike. Loyal as ever!

    The Leica is just an early idea for my next 3d piece. I don't think my drawing skills are nowhere near to being solid enough to try 2d work yet. But I would like to try it out sometime...

    There also wasn't suppose to be any sound on the reel. I couldn't find any good clips to go with the reel, so i figured I would just cut all the audio and allow the animation to do all the talking. I also decided to not put any of my soldier stuff in since I saw Starz as a more performance driven studio, so I thought I would show them just the performance stuff I've done, which hasn't been too much.

  4. Hey Sweetie,

    It was fun to see some more of your pinky stuff in the reel that you sent because if I watch an episode online I cant really tell which part you animated and what the others did ^^ Im a little sad too that it has no sound I think next time if you want to leave the sound out in order for them to concentrate on your animation you should make the transistions from one animation to the next a little smoother...cuz otherwise it really does look rushed and unedited. BUT i know you didnt really have a lot of time to get it together either.

    In any case Im glad you got it in and my fingers are crossed for you!